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About Us

Welcome to Data Originals, a dynamic and innovative group of people dedicated to extracting meaningful insights from data. Our team, based in South Korea :kr:, is driven by the pursuit of original data systems and algorithms that unlock the intrinsic value within data. At Data Originals, we hold a steadfast belief that the true worth of data is revealed through analytical precision and insightful interpretation enabled by construction of intelligent systems.

We strive to be a team that is not only nimble and versatile but also steadfast in our commitment to excellence. Our overarching goal is to create comprehensive, end-to-end systems capable of generating value in a seamless and efficient manner.


Looking to the future, our ambition is to master the intricacies of data, establishing a robust foundation in the processing and management of diverse data types, especially time-series and graph-connected data.

Currently, our focus is on generating revenue within the financial domain, with an emphasis on the nuances of short-term trading strategies. Our projects are designed with a long-term vision in mind, ensuring that they are not merely one-off solutions but rather the groundwork for techniques that can be expanded and applied across various domains and applications. We prioritize a meta-analytical approach in all that we do.

Below is a list of our ongoing projects:

  • Sub-second orderbook-based KRX trading and backtesting engine
  • Time-series prediction engine that leverages automated construction and learning on time-series factor graphs, drawn on multiple and heterogeneous data sources
  • (additional projects forthcoming)


Our team is comprised of passionate individuals with a zest for innovation and a shared enthusiasm for data-driven solutions:

  • Jinho Ko (LinkedIn); Head, Systems Engineer
  • Yeonwoo Jung; Systems Engineer
  • Jihun Shin; Algorithm Engineer


We invite you to reach out with any questions about our services or if you are interested in joining our team.

E-mail: AT